Definition of primness in US English:



  • See prim

    • ‘Francesca straightened her face into an expression of extreme primness and said in delicate, slightly haughty tones, ‘You may kiss her.’’
    • ‘With that maddening primness of speech, he said, ‘You will not always have the luxury of addressing your targets without distraction, Joyce.’’
    • ‘The Beatles broke the primness of post war mentality still worn like a cloak by society less than twenty years after the end of World War Two.’
    • ‘Dinner was seriously good, but far from solemn, with none of that hushed primness that spoils many smart country restaurants.’
    • ‘Yes, there's a clean-line primness to the design, evoking a corporate-committee-don't-offend style that won't match the aesthetics of some.’