Definition of primly in US English:



  • See prim

    • ‘The lady in gray stood in front of us all, her proper gray hair pulled back into a tight bun, her dress neatly ironed and starched, and everything about her neatly and primly done.’
    • ‘He has also written the accompanying catalogue, which reveals that these men who gave us some of the most poetic and placid paintings, which often seem to be so very primly composed, led turbulent lives.’
    • ‘‘And I told you it does not befit a young lady to call a gentleman in such a familiar manner,’ she answered primly.’
    • ‘So I kick off my shoes, tuck one foot under me, but remain primly upright, notebook and pen poised.’
    • ‘I dropped the curling iron onto the counter, finally satisfied with the ringlets that fell primly about my shoulders, and listlessly studied my reflection.’