Definition of primitiveness in US English:



  • See primitive

    • ‘That's part of the charm of the record, this very primitiveness of instrumentation and melody - as though we are looking in on something that isn't quite ready to be shown to the public yet, or was never even intended for it.’
    • ‘‘We, the people of Etropole, want to preserve the natural primitiveness of the place,’ said the woman who still goes hiking in the mountain and uses a bicycle as a means of transportation.’
    • ‘Much as many paleoanthropologists like to think of our evolution as a linear process, a gradual progression from primitiveness to perfection, this conceptual hold-over from the past is clearly in error.’
    • ‘Due to its relative primitiveness and secluded location, schools in the area will remain inactive for the better part of three months.’
    • ‘Modern man's primitiveness lurks beneath every layer of civilization, at times so obvious that one cannot see it.’