Definition of primeur in US English:



  • 1primeursFruit or vegetables grown to be available very early in the season.

    • ‘he chief crops grown for early supplies, or "primeurs" as they are called, are special varieties of cos and cabbage lettuces, short carrots, radishes, turnips, cauliflowers, endives, spinach, onions, corn salad, and celery.’
    • ‘Primeurs (early fruit and vegetables) are rushed from here to shops and restaurants all over the country.’
  • 2Newly produced wines which have recently been made available.

    • ‘Wine shops sell Bordeaux wine primeurs the spring after the harvest.’
    • ‘The 2006 primeurs will be ready for delivery from end 2008 to early 2009.’
    • ‘The original term was primeur, meaning young produce, and from 1951 the Beaujolais producers were allowed to release their primeurs from 15 December.’
    • ‘Charles Taylor’s Montrachet Wines of South London is offering consumers the chance to taste Bordeaux primeurs this year, and their event is cheaper than the Bibendum one already announced here.’


French, literally ‘newness’.