Definition of prime rib in US English:

prime rib


North American
  • A roast or steak cut from the seven ribs immediately before the loin.

    • ‘There you'll find a mix of prime ribs, pork, chicken, sweetbreads, and kidneys - sometimes all on the same plate.’
    • ‘The main course - a showy prime rib roast, creamed spinach, and parsley potatoes - echoes the spirit of Christmas past in the best way.’
    • ‘Dinners included chicken and shrimp curry on white rice, prime rib cooked to taste or tuna steaks, served with a vegetable and a dynamite fresh green salad.’
    • ‘Then there's roast turkey, prime rib, or grilled steak for dinner.’
    • ‘Despite its fancy name, prime rib steak is actually quite affordable - I bought mine for $5 per pound at Central Fresh Market.’
    • ‘Alec Takagi hand-cuts his seafood filets and steaks; his broiled salmon is basted in a smoky herb butter, his prime rib roasted for 12 hours.’
    • ‘Cooking was straight-forward American-style and uniformly very good, better and more varied than expected, with memorable entrées such as Dungeness crab, grilled halibut, and prime ribs.’
    • ‘Other popular cuts are the chateaubriand for two, the heavy-cut sirloin and prime ribs served on the bone.’
    • ‘The chicken I had for lunch was tender and succulent, and I doubt that the prime rib I'm having for dinner will disappoint.’
    • ‘Everyone deserves a wonderful event, whatever that may be, and we have great menu choices for those who can't afford the prime rib dinners.’
    • ‘Bypass surgery in 1989 has not deterred him from anything except possibly that outside end piece of a prime rib he loved so well.’
    • ‘House rubs the prime rib with an herb-flavored oil, then grills it, catching the drippings below the meat in a pan on the firegrate.’
    • ‘Some nights I prefer a simple taco platter to a forty five dollar prime rib.’
    • ‘The troops, who are used to a variety of foods in the camp kitchens, from prime rib and roast pork to meat pie and Atlantic cod, will have no access to their usual salad and bread bars.’
    • ‘Pot roast, prime rib, pork roast, pork tenderloin, sirloin, even ribs or London broil… take your pick.’
    • ‘He offers an extensive list of by-the-glass wines to accompany their best-selling crab cakes and prime rib steaks.’
    • ‘The prime rib is marinated for two days, then roasted and covered with salt and herbs.’
    • ‘Casual and comfortable, Cafe Serrano serves such favorites as slow roasted prime rib, seafood and gourmet salads.’
    • ‘I had a tasty prime rib for dinner with mashed potatoes and a nicely prepared medley of mixed vegetables.’
    • ‘The prime rib, vegetables, and fries were too much, so she just picked at it.’