Definition of prime mover in English:

prime mover


  • 1A person or establishment that is chiefly responsible for the creation or execution of a plan or project.

    • ‘And it is women who are the prime movers behind this community.’
    • ‘As mothers, these women, already steeped in music and/or dance are, I have found, the prime movers behind getting their daughters trained in dance.’
    • ‘I don't know who the prime movers in this hare-brained scheme are, and I don't care.’
    • ‘Worldwide, patient groups felt they and the media were the prime movers in raising awareness of infections rather than politicians, policymakers or even health professionals.’
    • ‘And in 1995, Calpers was the prime mover in setting up the International Corporate Governance Network, whose institutional members have assets of more than $10,000 billion.’
    • ‘And, though she was associated with Hark and Woo as one of the prime movers of the New Wave in Hong Kong filmmaking, her work is distinctively different from theirs in its thematics and stylistics.’
    • ‘The ultimate aim of the project is for residents to be the prime movers in the project.’
    • ‘But he soon realised that the nation under its Articles of Confederation was not functioning well, so he became a prime mover in the steps leading to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787.’
    • ‘A throwback to the days of dancefloor jazz, boogaloo and earthy funk, the band's members cut their teeth in the company of prime movers of the genre, people like Eddie Henderson, Brother Jack McDuff and the great Lou Donaldson.’
    • ‘It was chaired by former President of the GAA, Peter Quinn, who was one of the prime movers in the development of Croke Park and is someone with a proven successful track record in the world of business.’
    • ‘It would build social trust, since young mothers brought together through children's centres are prime movers in local communities.’
    • ‘‘It exists to encourage freedom of expression and promote free thought,’ says Shravan Narula, a third year engineering student, who is the prime mover of the project.’
    • ‘Coun Hawkesworth is also one of the prime movers behind Ilkley's Summer Festival which begins in August this year.’
    • ‘The negotiators are more actors in a drama than prime movers of the plot.’
    • ‘The prime movers in the group needed to be people with time to devote to its aims and enough expertise to be able to speak persuasively to others about the needs and the suggested projects that the group was funding.’
    • ‘The proposed new European league, in which Celtic and Rangers are the prime movers, will not just put the his club on a level commercial footing with the major Italian and English ones, but will also be a major stimulant to the Scottish game.’
    • ‘The prime movers are two Berlin-based musician/programmers: cellist Martin Iannaccone and pianist Daniel Almada, who also contribute most of the material.’
    • ‘‘Everything is going ahead as planned,’ commented Neil Walton, who, along with Susan Brooks, has been one of the prime movers behind reviving Sligo's triathlon fever.’
    • ‘She was a prime mover in the creation of her sport's ruling body, the Women's Tennis Association, and the creation of a professional tour in 1970.’
    • ‘The objective of the initiative, according to P. Varadharajan, one of the prime movers of the project, is to encourage people to read by delivering books at their doorsteps.’
    originator, author, creator, instigator, founder, father, mother, founding father
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    1. 1.1 An initial natural or mechanical source of motive power.
      • ‘Strength potential is maximized through hypertrophy (muscle growth) in the prime movers.’
      • ‘In all cases a new technology for prime mover and/or energy source initiates the development of a new physical infrastructure network.’
      • ‘With the cost of prime movers at around $200,000, many are forced to enter into considerable debt and some end up mortgaging their homes to buy their trucks.’
      • ‘Optimal functioning of the stabilizing muscles depends not only on the force production of these muscles in relation to synergists, antagonists, and prime movers of a joint, but also on the correct timing of muscle activation.’
      • ‘Additionally, more actual work is performed with free weights due to the stabilization required as the prime movers are engaged.’
      • ‘The relay convoy consisted of about 50 vehicles: jets, prime movers, motor homes, vans, police motorcycles and cars.’
      • ‘Back in the Market Canal, Mr. Devassay, boat owner, and his crew are getting ready for one of their twice-in-a-week trips, a throwback to the times when country boats were the prime movers of men and materials.’
      • ‘Many of the trucks are B-doubles - prime movers with not just one, but two trailers, grossing 60-odd tonnes per truck.’
      • ‘Bringing your feet out will change the emphasis on your prime movers slightly, placing more focus on your adductor and abductors.’
      • ‘The vehicles and equipment included in this initial purchase include six prime movers, six fuel tanker trailers and four dolly converters.’
      • ‘Stowed within this hold are two bulldozers with scrapers attached, several flatbed trucks, a diesel-powered roller, a prime mover, two tractors and some truck trailers.’
      • ‘That makes the electric motor the prime mover, with the engine used to assist the motor and power the generator.’
      • ‘Below 12 MPH most locomotives cannot use all the power generated by their prime movers and so by sending some to the slug a single engine can pull a much longer train.’
      • ‘It is once this position is attained that the prime movers of adduction vigorously contract against the resistance of the water.’
      • ‘Outfitted with a fully electric power train, most of the car - everything but its prime mover - looks like a giant electrical appliance.’
      • ‘These two chest muscles work together and act as prime movers.’
      • ‘In addition, it is used as the prime mover for the forward repair system and various engineer mission modules.’
      • ‘They were able also to install powerful prime movers (water wheels or steam-engines) to drive all their machines.’
      • ‘With three prime movers involved, the linked convoy weighs nearly 400 tonnes.’
      • ‘The size of the generator set, output of the generator, and the type and size of the prime mover will all factor into determining the minimum exhaust gas temperature noted in Section 6.4.2.’
      source, root, origin, beginning, beginnings, starting point, seed, germ, genesis, agency, occasion
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prime mover

/ˌprīm ˈmo͞ovər//ˌpraɪm ˈmuvər/