Definition of primary group in US English:

primary group


  • A group held together by intimate, face-to-face relationships, formed by family and environmental associations and regarded as basic to social life and culture.

    • ‘With a clear understanding of the two primary groups and their college-choice variables, you'll now need to keep in mind a number of things, as you market to continuing education students.’
    • ‘In North America, and to some degree Europe, there has been a decline in significance of denominations, primary groups, and congregations.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the household serves as the primary group of identification for individual members.’
    • ‘The closed, local, peasant community - the village - was considered a primary group.’
    • ‘My focal point is my community, my worshipping community, and the community of women with whom I would name my primary group, and this place here, at Sophia.’