• Before.

    ‘the month previous to publication’
    ‘he seemed to have been in good health previous to the fatal injury’
    • ‘She's encountered him several times previous to this, and despite her attempts to spread the magic fairy-dust, her attempts seemed to be in vain.’
    • ‘And this was all in the middle of making dinner, for which I had been hungry for an hour and a half previous to the breakage.’
    • ‘I just felt that, previous to the collection, I had been writing poems I didn't enjoy reading.’
    • ‘I have no knowledge of any of the family previous to them.’
    • ‘It indicates that there were two launches previous to Gagarin.’
    • ‘I studied economics at the University of Victoria previous to my nursing education although I did not complete an undergraduate degree.’
    • ‘The Protestant Church had been built four years previous to this in 1818.’
    • ‘On the pre-recorded show on Sunday night last, Christopher was picked previous to the show to be the member from the audience to perform just before the end.’
    • ‘‘None of these 57 sites had any record of toxicity previous to 1988,’ he said.’
    • ‘He was said to be a healthy 6 ft 5in tall man who suffered slightly from asthma but previous to this episode never had any suspicion he was allergic to wasp stings.’
    • ‘And just to rub salt into the wounds of those envious of her, previous to joining Irish Distillers she was on the tasting panel at Guinness.’
    • ‘A significantly milder statement was finally released, which supported the student protest previous to the occupation.’
    • ‘Perhaps the months previous to this blog reactivation are best summed up in one sentence.’
    • ‘We know Kissinger spoke to Putin the week previous to the Bush-Putin mini summit.’
    • ‘The skull was complete but for a recent break across the snout which is interpreted as being caused by mechanical dredging of the pond which occurred previous to the find.’
    • ‘MTV commissioned a bunch of tv graphics people to produce 3 seconds of video - and they could only see the three seconds previous to it.’
    • ‘There had been bad cases of Blight in certain years from the late 1770's and for at least three years previous to 1847 the crop had been failing.’
    • ‘Everything he'd written previous to that was pretty much doodling.’
    • ‘The economic reality was that previous to that case, quite extended families had been living on these properties for a pittance.’
    • ‘Breeding records show that for four years previous to this, experts worried that the distinctive toad was extinct altogether in the area.’
    before, prior to, until, till, up to, earlier than, preceding, leading up to, in advance of, ahead of, ante-, pre-
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