Definition of pretreatment in US English:



  • See pretreat

    • ‘Prior to their arrival in the upper floor of the production hall, the body components are given a special pretreatment for aluminum.’
    • ‘Surface pretreatments, such as chromating or phosphating, are necessary to ensure good adherence of paint or lacquer finishes.’
    • ‘Allegheny has pioneered the usage of pretreatments such as steam treating to clean and seal the porosity of powdered metal prior to coating.’
    • ‘It is formulated to directly bond to PP without any pretreatments, which simplifies processing.’
    • ‘‘Our improved method uses pretreatments to make the cotton as receptive to dye uptake as the wool,’ she says.’
    • ‘Phosphate pretreatments yield the best adhesion while chromate treatments give the best corrosion resistance.’