Definition of prêt-à-porter in English:



  • (of designer clothes) sold ready-to-wear as opposed to made to measure.

    • ‘Inaccessible to many so far, designer wear makes an entry into the mainstream with wearable and affordable prêt-à-porter garments.’
    • ‘However, unlike haute couture, prêt-à-porter clothing isn't one of a kind.’
    • ‘The Blair government came shopping for prêt-à-porter policy ideas and unfortunately a lot of the junk they bought back is going to have the same results in the UK.’
    • ‘Also, many designers are gung-ho about prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) wear being the next great hope.’
    • ‘The Italian prêt-à-porter collections unite aspects of the spectacular and the pragmatic demonstrated in more extreme terms on the runways of London, Paris, New York.’


  • Designer clothes sold ready-to-wear.

    • ‘Barbie and prêt-à-porter arrived on the scene simultaneously.’
    • ‘Already a collaborator with the Genny group, the Gilmar group, Maska and Mariella Burani, Alessandro has been producing his own women's prêt-à-porter (produced by Belle Maille di Carpi) for several years now.’
    • ‘A change of guards in Italian Fashion Maisons: Nicola Trussardi has called twenty-six-year-old Parisian Nicolas Ghesquiere to design women's prêt-à-porter and the collection for the USA.’
    • ‘‘We have already succeeded in placing a chocolate shop in the street before a prêt-à-porter boutique got in,’ Langlois says with obvious satisfaction.’
    • ‘They quite obviously send out their spies to the prêt-à-porter shows, and they usually manage to pull off well-cut replicas.’


French, literally ready to wear.