Definition of presumptively in US English:



  • See presumptive

    • ‘Yet, neither a confession offered to a priest, nor a highly intimate disclosure offered to a therapist, is presumptively protected by privilege.’
    • ‘The validity of these quotas is taken for granted, even though longstanding constitutional doctrine treats discrimination among citizens on the basis of national origin as presumptively invalid.’
    • ‘The judgment of many, down through time, confers authority, even legitimacy - at least presumptively - on the lessons of tradition.’
    • ‘Thus, it fails to see gender power, where being male means being presumptively free from male violence and being female means being presumptively subject to male violence.’
    • ‘So a stay that would last indefinitely would be presumptively prejudicial to the plaintiff.’
    • ‘Delays of slightly over three years at a single jurisdictional level also have been held to be presumptively unreasonable.’
    • ‘In sharp contrast, in the U.S., the power to make domestic relations law is at least presumptively reserved to the states.’
    • ‘Parents are presumptively entitled to exercise complete discretion over the care, custody, and control of their children.’
    • ‘Some states, such as Massachusetts, go even further, making all gun possession presumptively illegal, except for persons with special licenses.’
    • ‘Whilst it is a presumptively child centred jurisdiction, it is not straightforwardly so.’
    • ‘The remaining 7 were presumptively protected by the common law.’
    • ‘This is a self-dealing transaction, which would be presumptively illegal if professors owed a fiduciary duty to students.’
    • ‘The point is to enable personal decision making, rather than to serve some systemic value through the presumptively beneficial choices that free individuals would make.’
    • ‘When a Pennsylvania appellate panel declared that juvenile court hearings are presumptively open, it was a victory not just for us in the Keystone state but also for the press and public nationwide.’
    • ‘However, other state courts have held that most phases of a criminal case should be presumptively open, making exceptions only for grand jury proceedings, which, by long tradition have been secret.’
    • ‘To give up one's ‘virtue’ to a man who was unwilling to pay with his hand in marriage was foolish and presumptively a product of youthful, poor judgment.’
    • ‘When you are labeled by the attorney general as a person of interest, presumptively responsible persons seem to lose all inhibitions in referring to you.’
    • ‘Under the First Amendment, speakers - including major media - are presumptively free of content regulation.’
    • ‘If it is found to be patentable, the owner of the design patent is granted a 14-year right of exclusivity that is presumptively valid in court.’
    • ‘Letters of credit are typically, and presumptively, irrevocable.’