Definition of prestressed in US English:



  • Strengthened by the application of stress during manufacture, especially (of concrete) by means of rods or wires inserted under tension before the material is set.

    • ‘The Skytrain is elevated on a prestressed concrete viaduct supported on massive in-situ columns.’
    • ‘It can be used to strengthen reinforced and prestressed beams, girders, and slabs to provide additional flexural strength.’
    • ‘This concrete is prestressed, reducing the amount of material needed, and its color is a result of added carbon, which enhances water resistance and minimizes the visibility of damage over time.’
    • ‘The bulk of the structure from abutment to abutment is of reinforced and prestressed concrete.’
    • ‘First I had doubts as to his expertise in the field of externally prestressed pre-cast glued segmental bridge design, which this case is about.’
    • ‘They are also commonly used to protect prestressed concrete elements.’
    • ‘The surface is formed by two sets of cables, one conforming to each of the constituent directions of curvature, an arrangement which allows the cables to be prestressed against each other.’
    • ‘The central corridor containing vertical circulation and services is constructed of prestressed, in-situ concrete.’
    • ‘This work included both laboratory and prestressed / precast plant phases and looked at 15 batches of two mixes, with variations in method as well as ingredients.’
    • ‘Instead, concrete for each segment was poured into the form traveler where it was held in place until cured and, if necessary, prestressed.’
    • ‘There are no movement joints because the whole structure is prestressed.’
    • ‘The spring constants had a small amount of heterogeneity, and the entire network was prestressed.’
    • ‘We are installing a lift in a church that has a prestressed, precast concrete elevated floor.’
    • ‘Concrete can be prestressed in a factory by tensioning the steel reinforcement first and then placing concrete around it - ‘pre-tensioned’ reinforcement.’
    • ‘To minimise the possibility of polluting the river during the deck construction, prestressed and precast concrete beams and edge beams were used.’
    • ‘The beams of prestressed concrete were found to be in relatively good condition, but more than 20 percent of the steel beams were corroded or damaged.’
    • ‘Cells are prestressed networks of tension-bearing microfilaments that are coupled to compression-resistant microtubules and extracellular matrix molecules.’
    • ‘To complete the installation, hand-dyed nets were stretched into place like webbing on a snowshoe; applied while wet, they prestressed the structure as they dried.’
    • ‘Construction is reinforced concrete with prestressed concrete floors.’
    • ‘That means laying nine 20-ft. lengths of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe per day.’