Definition of pressurization in US English:


(British pressurisation)


  • See pressurize

    • ‘Using our new worst-case scenario, we faced an 800-mile, two-engine transit, at 10,000 feet, and unable to maintain pressurization.’
    • ‘The engineer was responsible for maintaining power settings, pressurization and other subsystems, leaving the pilots free to concentrate on other aspects of flying the aircraft.’
    • ‘The influence of the volume of collected sap may have been due to the dilution of the leaf apoplastic fraction by symplastic water (without symplastic ABA) that was extruded during leaf pressurization.’
    • ‘The similar pH response of root exudate and sap collected by shoot pressurization suggests that xylem sap of N-deprived Capsicum plants is indeed more alkaline in vivo.’
    • ‘Other radon reduction techniques that can be used in any type of house include: sealing, house pressurization, natural ventilation, and heat recovery ventilation.’
    • ‘At 35,000 ft, a common cruising altitude for many commercial flights, people will survive for a maximum of 50 seconds without cabin pressurisation.’
    • ‘Immediately after pressurization, the light-scattering value decreased 50% in comparison with the one obtained with the aggregated p53C.’
    • ‘It was also nice to have pressurization but, as I recall, we were able to hold only about 8000 feet cabin altitude when at about 15,000 to 17,000 feet cruising flight level.’
    • ‘Pores as large as 3 m diameter can be sufficient to support some pressurization and flow, but they could be expected to be very leaky.’
    • ‘The system was set so that pressurization started when inspiratory flow reached 0.017 L / second.’
    • ‘3M designed the aviation marking film to withstand huge changes in aircraft pressurisation.’
    • ‘And if the light came on, it wouldn't want to go to a higher altitude because if that door was open, you would not get the pressurization.’
    • ‘We flew 10,000 ft - no pressurisation and frequently through weather - not above it.’
    • ‘For the steam engine, reciprocation into rotary motion, compound pressurization, and separation of the condenser as a detached unit contributed to efficiency, portability, and use at sea.’
    • ‘There are 37 passenger lifts, some of which cost more than US $2 million and have aerodynamic bodies, pressurisation and emergency braking systems.’
    • ‘The rationale of this approach is that overall clinical utility of one pattern versus another depends on overall perfusion effects, which intrinsically depend on both pressurization and relief cycles.’
    • ‘In handling, the 210 was more of a Cadillac to the Bonanza's Corvette, but the Centurion was to evolve through turbocharging and pressurization over nearly a third of a century of production.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he neglected to run through the checklist and consequently the plane took off without pressurisation.’
    • ‘Aircraft pressurization is provided by two engine-driven compressors (EDCs): one on the No.2 engine and the other on the No.3 engine.’
    • ‘We are able to maintain precise control over temperature, humidity and pressurization.’