Definition of pressingly in US English:



  • See pressing

    • ‘A clarification of the intent of the GA on this issue is pressingly needed.’
    • ‘More pressingly, promiscuity has always been a useful tool in shoring up prejudice, whether that be homophobia or gender war.’
    • ‘More pressingly, the Frenchman finds himself with a squad facing a much-needed overhaul with as many as five positions desperately in need of an upgrade.’
    • ‘First, we can note that experiences and reactions can become diffused and adopted by others outside the social location that most pressingly experiences the frustrations Merton identifies.’
    • ‘His experience is, after all, more pressingly real and common than a great deal of commercially successful filmmakers.’
    • ‘More pressingly though, vampires aren't actually true immortals.’
    • ‘More pressingly, US stocks still look expensive.’
    • ‘The concerns centre most pressingly this weekend on the fate of one of the pillars of Scotland's artistic reputation, Scottish Opera.’
    • ‘No pans, not pots, no whisks and most pressingly, no sieves.’
    • ‘Even more pressingly, the certiorari jurisdiction can be exercised in cases of error of law on the part of the inferior tribunal.’
    • ‘More than any other moment in the film, these sequences call attention to the artifice and operations of cinema by most pressingly posing the question of how much of what we're watching is real.’
    • ‘But getting closer to the best on a continental level is a preoccupation that haunts them more pressingly.’
    • ‘Now at 13 or so I am deeply concerned still about my lack of flat stomach, but more pressingly, my lack of breasts.’
    • ‘Most pressingly, perhaps, refugees had sheltered in this isolated part of Afghanistan for protection and had to be moved to a healthier location.’
    • ‘For me that's the challenge of the council and its deepest, pressingly pertinent significance.’
    • ‘And, more pressingly, What if the personal were political?’
    • ‘There is tiramisu in my hair, but more pressingly, my trousers are on fire!’
    • ‘I can think of no single writer more pressingly relevant to our understanding of our lives than Shakespeare.’
    • ‘I don't use it often, but it's there, if you've something pressingly important that you can't put in one of those e-mails no-one ever sends me…’
    • ‘There'll be a new baby to see, a birthday to celebrate and, most pressingly, a Eurovision song contest to watch.’