Definition of pressbook in US English:



  • 1A book of press cuttings.

  • 2A booklet or leaflet put together by a movie producer to publicize a new motion picture.

    • ‘For each release, the distributing studio created a "pressbook" containing materials for the marketing campaign.’
    • ‘The pressbook for the British release warned exhibitors that "individual discretion must be exercised in your handling" of the film.’
    • ‘At the same time, every prepared review and publicity story in the pressbook took pains to disclaim that the film reflected any partisan intent.’
    • ‘The pressbook promised exhibitors that the movie "reveals no country and omits all propaganda."’
    • ‘MGM's pressbook for its June 1938 release of Three Comrades typified this approach.’
    • ‘She brought 25 kg of leaflets, press books and posters for a film project to be directed by Taiwanese director Cheng Wen-tang.’
    • ‘Far from mentioning Hitler or Jews, the pressbook did not even mention Germany.’
    • ‘The pressbook prepared for the film was a remarkably candid reflection of the studio's uncertainty about what to do with the picture.’
    • ‘A modern form of colophon is the production note at the end of private press books.’
    • ‘The pressbook opened with a synopsis provided for exhibitors' eyes only, which made clear that the film concerned the problems of German Jews under Nazism.’
    • ‘Finally, there is an 8-page booklet which appears to reproduce much of the film's original pressbook.’
    • ‘This famous quote comes from the film's press book, and was probably the work of a particularly imaginative copywriter.’
    • ‘Rounding out the set are seven minutes of deleted scenes, a still gallery, a look at the original pressbook, and a trailer.’
    • ‘Finally, we get a 1951 Fox Movietonews, a trailer, some still galleries, and an interactive pressbook.’
    • ‘There are reproductions of lobby cards and press releases from the original 1928 press book.’
    • ‘Finally, two folders contain stills and reproductions of premiere press books.’
    • ‘Extras include some newsreel footage from when Houdini was in Ohio, and two press books including one for this film and another serial he made.’
    • ‘Also included are audio biographies for Carson and Campus, a gallery of photos from Carson's collection, the original pressbook, and a theatrical trailer.’
    • ‘The title page of the film's press book reads: "We study the war against Vietnam and thus penetrate the US".’
    • ‘A 2-disc set will include screen tests, storyboards, interviews, trailers, a soundtrack CD, photos, the 20-page press book, and a little rock.’