Definition of press time in US English:

press time


  • The time at which a magazine or other publication goes to press.

    • ‘At press time, there were still tickets available for the Arrow Hall gig.’
    • ‘At press time, the extinct civilization of super-beings was unavailable for comment.’
    • ‘At press time we are unaware of any other ingredients in the stew - and unsure whether any other are necessary.’
    • ‘At press time, Whalen suffered an injury to her right hand that put her out of action for at least four to six weeks.’
    • ‘At press time, only the Navy had managed to restore their site.’
    • ‘At press time, the company was planning a trial rollout for the end of the year, in Colorado.’
    • ‘To press time, he was scheduled to appear in North Vancouver provincial court for a bail hearing.’
    • ‘At press time, the budget still needed to be approved at an April town meeting.’
    • ‘At press time, there were plans to coordinate a kickoff with the San Francisco Ballet.’
    • ‘At press time no student had stepped forward offering to cover the substantial deficit.’
    • ‘At press time, James was in the process of selling his controlling interest in the company.’
    • ‘At press time, Memphis officials were days away from voting on whether or not to adopt the new code.’
    • ‘At press time, he was considering legal action or other options about his future.’
    • ‘At press time police were still looking for a fourth suspect in the shooting.’
    • ‘At press time, there was no plan to report numbers in a way that will be comparable to past Census race data.’
    • ‘At press time the floodwaters at Taihsi Township in Yunlin County had reached the 1.5m mark.’
    • ‘At press time, the task force was scheduled to meet again to reach a final decision.’
    • ‘At press time there was still no definite data to determine where and how the blaze started.’
    • ‘At press time, there was no indication that any of the victims' families were filing suit.’
    • ‘At press time, two bills had been passed out of committee and are scheduled to come up on the Senate floor.’