Definition of press kit in US English:

press kit


  • A package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate.

    • ‘There's a promotional gallery of stills, poster art, and the press kit.’
    • ‘The press kit is padded with resource material bearing titles like ‘Sibling Relationships in Divorced Families.’’
    • ‘He has never issued a press kit, and never performed in public.’
    • ‘There is also a short making-of featurette that is a step or two above the usual electronic press kit material, as well as some storyboard comparisons and the movie's theatrical trailer.’
    • ‘You need professional-looking promotional materials - a great press kit and video are essential.’
    • ‘I've been working on the electronic press kit lately, and I'm in an effusive mood.’
    • ‘I'd downloaded their press kit a couple of weeks ago to use as a model for ours.’
    • ‘There is a treasure trove of marketing materials, too, including the original press kit, which is a complete hoot to see on the screen.’
    • ‘I'm guessing her age is, um, reduced in her press kit (it happens all the time here), but they could've at least gotten her story straight.’
    • ‘This morning I was filmed for what will become the electronic press kit.’
    • ‘He wants me to do a bio, press kit, and layout w/graphic design & stuff.’
    • ‘There is a brief electronic press kit that features equally brief interview snippets from all the principles, including Arthur Miller.’
    • ‘He even provides a press kit and possible story angles for those looking to write about what he's doing.’
    • ‘I've been working on the press kit and on completion of the festival submission form information.’
    • ‘The article showed the people's pictures with captions beneath singing the band's praises, as if it were taken from their press kit.’
    • ‘The extras are little more than the usual electronic press kit, with a couple of featurettes with brief interviews and many clips, and too much duplication between them.’
    • ‘The press kit is a promotional featurette about the film, and clocks in at about 6 1/2 minutes.’
    • ‘Carol wrapped up a box of Pop Tarts with a copy of the ground rules for embedded journalists, sealed with a portrait of the admiral, clipped from our press kit.’
    • ‘This turned up first in the press kit, but I'm quite happy/excited/engrossed in it.’