Definition of press (the) flesh in US English:

press (the) flesh


  • (of a celebrity or politician) greet people by shaking hands.

    • ‘Paul Hackett is out for one last day of pressing the flesh.’
    • ‘And he has undergone a transformation from aloof politician to one who knows how to press the flesh and talk with villagers.’
    • ‘The visuals show the youthful legislator on the move, walking through what Fogerty calls ‘Americana sets,’ meeting people, pressing the flesh.’
    • ‘Bigwigs in that branch of the party appear to play a leading role in her campaign, which so far has been about pressing the flesh and avoiding political issues.’
    • ‘Politicians hold clinics in pubs, press the flesh, have to be seen to be personable.’
    • ‘The corporation's political adviser was officially north of the Border to press the flesh of the senior management and meet the leaders of Scotland's four main political parties.’
    • ‘Salesmen from Canteen were pressing flesh and passing out business cards.’
    • ‘When it comes to pressing the flesh and ensuring the small nations are looked after, the president knows on which side his breakfast toast is buttered.’
    • ‘His designated role for the festival will be to press the flesh and meet and greet as many people as he can.’
    • ‘Dean was out in the rain in Little Rock, pressing the flesh, pushing his cause.’