Definition of preserver in US English:



  • See preserve

    • ‘Furthermore, where the Army has acted as a preserver, this has only been to preserve its own institutional interests.’
    • ‘It also explores his equally influential and perhaps more valuable labours as an advocate and preserver of the nation's architectural and religious heritage, through which he became one of the first stars of television.’
    • ‘The panel ran around 75 minutes and was videotaped for posterity by a devoted preserver of comic history, Mike Catron.’
    • ‘High in benzoic acid, which is a natural preservative, native American Indians taught pilgrims their uses as a preserver of winter foods and staple of flavourings and sauces for bland, run-down food stores.’
    • ‘He said that the inventory would be a valuable asset to the county council as a developer and preserver.’