Definition of preservationist in US English:



  • A supporter or advocate of the preservation of something, especially of historic buildings and artifacts.

    • ‘Unlike the preservationists, we believe that it is our job to manage the animal kingdom with the natural predators that God has provided to keep populations in balance.’
    • ‘Do most film preservationists and archivists think home movies are worthy of preservation?’
    • ‘To help reverse this trend, the Namibian government has established a team of cultural preservationists - performers, artists, historians, and researchers.’
    • ‘This is exactly what the tenants and preservationists believe is happening.’
    • ‘Into this gloomy atmosphere came a national drive by preservationists and conservationists to create national parks and forests in the eastern United States.’
    • ‘Countering the trend toward developing the countryside to accommodate more housing are the preservationists, who want to expand parks, preserve a traditional country way of life, and keep urban dwellers out of these areas.’
    • ‘Most preservationists are focused on traditional buildings, and popular sentiment favours familiar monuments and main streets, rarely the modern.’
    • ‘His concluding chapter forecasts increasing success for plant and animal preservationists in the future.’
    • ‘Architectural preservationists, many of whom spent the '60s trying to prevent modernist projects from destroying the city's Victorian fabric, aren't always sympathetic.’
    • ‘Beijing officials, under criticism from conservative preservationists, are debating whether to restore old monuments to look exactly as they did before or to give them a more modern face, Mei said.’
    • ‘While preservationists can provide copious examples of how to deal with seemingly redundant historic buildings in a profitable fashion across the globe, Moscow has its own examples of what can and should be done.’
    • ‘From the beginning there have been preservationists who have argued that restoration is premature.’
    • ‘But historic preservationists, who have been fighting for years to save it, aren't about to give up.’
    • ‘In 1995 a coalition of Virginia preservationists, historians and tourism officials came up with the idea and this unique programme to mark out the important sites.’
    • ‘Historic preservationists want to save old buildings.’
    • ‘Such preservationists were also often collectors of fine art; they collected the finest of man's works and of nature's works, preserving both in museum-like settings.’
    • ‘This school and others received a new lease on life when preservationists were able to show the state that properly renovated historic schools could actually be safer than new schools.’
    • ‘In recent years, buildings of the modern era are also coming under the protective wing of historic preservationists.’
    • ‘On the one hand, preservationists believe that nature should not be reduced to dollars and cents.’
    • ‘That shows him to be more than simply the wilderness preservationist he is often tagged as today.’