Definition of present-time in US English:



  • Relating to the current period of time.

    ‘the story takes place in present-time Britain’
    • ‘Mindfulness of breathing is a present-time awareness.’
    • ‘My Black Sun quartet is set in present-time United States.’
    • ‘She has a four-member team, which has been freed from present-time responsibilities in order to focus all its attention on future trends and technology changes.’
    • ‘When you are filtering present-time information through your belief systems, then you are filtering the information through fear.’
    • ‘He is present-time orientated, seldom defers gratification, and never plans for the future.’
    • ‘The night he spends with Lulu in 1952 is re-enacted for us as a present-time event, as vivid in the narrative as it is in his memory.’
    • ‘Such common-sense views of health change all the time and are a reflection of present-time experience.’
    • ‘The date and time gets stamped upon the pictures; if it reads as present-time, refreshing the page might cause it to flip to a different one.’
    current, present, contemporary, latter, latter-day, twenty-first-century, modern, latest, existing, extant, recent
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