Definition of preseason in US English:



  • (of a sporting event) taking place before the regular season.

    • ‘Fleury ended up missing a week of preseason games and practice due to the contract issue.’
    • ‘He has started in each of the Raiders' first three preseason games and is expected to be in the lineup tonight.’
    • ‘He has arthritis in the shoulder and didn't play in the final three preseason games but is expected to play in the opener.’
    • ‘He was impressive in the preseason opener and has solid skills for the position.’
    • ‘Yes, this was a preseason game, but both teams' regulars were getting heavy minutes.’
    • ‘With the regular season about to begin, the Warrior men split their final two preseason games.’
    • ‘Hopefully your child's coach held a preseason meeting with all the team athletes and their parents.’
    • ‘The last two weeks is more in line with what preseason projections of the Eagles expected.’
    • ‘In terms of training camp and preseason experience, McIntosh isn't even that advanced.’
    • ‘He sat out the end of last season with a knee injury, and preseason reports on the knee aren't overly optimistic.’
    • ‘He likely will practice only once a day and won't play in the first two or three preseason games.’
    • ‘We're going with a quarterback who's never really played, other than preseason games.’
    • ‘Before you know it, the holidays will be over and we'll be back in Phoenix and Las Vegas for preseason testing.’
    • ‘Coaches are scared about losing key players to preseason injuries, so they keep them off the field.’
    • ‘As a rookie, he suffered a serious shoulder injury making a tackle in a preseason game and later hurt a knee.’
    • ‘He hasn't played since the third preseason game because of a sprained knee.’
    • ‘He has played well in preseason games, but it's time to decide whether he can be the top backup.’
    • ‘He was penalized five times in his last four quarters of preseason play.’
    • ‘That momentum needs to continue into training camp and preseason games.’
    • ‘It would be their first venture to the west coast for preseason drills.’


  • The period of time before the regular season.

    • ‘‘It's good to know that I've had two solid preseasons, and people around the league feel I can play,’ Dickenson says.’
    • ‘He still needs to learn to play with consistency and must avoid the penalties that plagued him in the preseason.’
    • ‘Personnel changes on defense showed positive results during training camp and the preseason.’
    • ‘He played well in training camp and has looked good in the preseason.’
    • ‘He isn't going to participate fully in practice in the early weeks of training camp or play much in the preseason.’
    • ‘Remember, he didn't have a training camp or a preseason because of a knee injury.’
    • ‘The most important thing would be to shorten the preseason down to two games.’
    • ‘Teams want the preseason to evaluate players, and the last thing they want to have happen is a number of injuries.’
    • ‘They had better preseasons than Davis, who struggled with injuries.’
    • ‘I couldn't agree more that the preseason is too long and should be shortened.’
    • ‘But he looked rusty and his timing was off after spending most of the preseason on the sideline.’
    • ‘The fuss over how much Vick should play in the preseason is unnecessary.’
    • ‘He had a hernia operation last spring and missed the preseason with a hip injury, never recapturing his form.’
    • ‘Last summer, Warner had a decent preseason, leading some to believe he had found his groove again.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most important find of the preseason came in the final game.’
    • ‘The growing pains he experienced during the preseason are a thing of the past.’
    • ‘A defense that appeared to be showing signs of age in the preseason is playing as well as ever.’
    • ‘He hasn't shown a lot of promise the past two preseasons, but the team has a lot of future money invested in Lewis.’
    • ‘Neither the offense nor the defense has found rhythm in the preseason.’
    • ‘In the preseason, defenses don't disguise what they are doing to the degree they do in games that count.’