Definition of prescribe in English:



  • 1(of a medical practitioner) advise and authorize the use of (a medicine or treatment) for someone, especially in writing.

    ‘Dr. Greene prescribed magnesium sulfate’
    with two objects ‘the doctor prescribed her a drug called amantadine’
    • ‘Your doctor may prescribe medicines if you have a pacemaker and your heart rate is too fast.’
    • ‘My blood and urine were tested and the doctors did not prescribe any medicine but advised me to avoid salt.’
    • ‘Over the years, many doctors have prescribed medicines to prevent them, but none has worked.’
    • ‘Your doctor can also prescribe medicine if it's needed.’
    • ‘Traditional doctors practice acupuncture and prescribe herbal medicine for the prevention and treatment of illness.’
    • ‘Your doctor will prescribe a medicine that is safe for you and the baby.’
    • ‘Your doctor may prescribe a medicine for depression or anxiety.’
    • ‘If necessary, your child's doctor may prescribe medicines to relieve symptoms.’
    • ‘Perhaps you're afraid that sharing this information with your doctor may result in your doctor not prescribing medicines to you when you need them.’
    • ‘Because the causes of dermatitis are sometimes difficult to pinpoint, a doctor may prescribe various treatments.’
    • ‘The proposed regulations would have veterinary surgeons prescribing all medicines, including preventative drugs.’
    • ‘For patients with special dietary needs, the physician prescribes medical nutrition therapy using liquid formulas, dietary supplements, and vitamin therapy.’
    • ‘The doctor prescribes treatment to a patient, with self administration supervised by the nurse.’
    • ‘The patient presented symptoms and the doctor prescribed treatment.’
    • ‘Medical schools no longer taught complementary and alternative medicine, so doctors didn't prescribe those treatments.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't nurses prescribe medicines or order x-rays?’
    • ‘While waiting for the hole to close, your child's doctor may prescribe medicines, many of which some children also need to take after surgery.’
    • ‘In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medicine to help your child breathe easier.’
    • ‘If your child feels nausea, the doctor can also prescribe a medicine for that.’
    • ‘Afterward, your doctor may prescribe preventive medicine to help you control your headaches without having to rely so heavily on pain remedies.’
    order, advise, authorize, direct
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    1. 1.1 Recommend (a substance or action) as something beneficial.
      ‘marriage is often prescribed as a universal remedy’
      • ‘I prescribed herbs for her - milk thistle and dandelion - and the levels of toxins in her liver came down.’
      • ‘For thousands of years herbalists have been using and prescribing herbs both singly as well as in complex formulas usually in the form of tea.’
      • ‘Mr. Joseph will inspect plants, prescribe fertilizers and pesticides and suggest measures to revitalise them.’
      • ‘As a breeder, I recommend and prescribe the diet I prefer using for my own dogs and that has worked best for me.’
      • ‘He answered the question in large part by prescribing a diet of the noblest foods to be eaten before the child is conceived.’
      • ‘She also prescribes beer and wine for certain conditions as well.’
      • ‘Under no circumstances are they ever allowed (no matter how much they believe in the product) to prescribe booze as a cure for heartache.’
      • ‘Snyder prescribed either petrol or a mixture of ground black coffee, salt and saliva.’
      • ‘He prescribed a strict diet that required Jim to avoid foods like milk, bread, and pasta.’
      • ‘It is a place to perhaps meet with an herbalist who will analyze your pulse and your forehead and prescribe foods and herbs to restore your interior balance.’
      advise, recommend, advocate, commend, urge, suggest, subscribe to, endorse, support, back, champion, argue for, promote
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    2. 1.2 State authoritatively or as a rule that (an action or procedure) should be carried out.
      ‘rules prescribing five acts for a play are purely arbitrary’
      ‘doing things in the prescribed manner’
      • ‘As a first step the Government should prescribe certain rules to be practised by every pupil.’
      • ‘It details the statutory duties of various public functionaries while prescribing the procedures to be adopted for the timely collection and preservation of vital pieces of evidence.’
      • ‘One way in which a court may legitimately regulate its processes is by prescribing a procedure to be conducted entirely in writing.’
      • ‘It was said in argument that the statute of Louisiana does not discriminate against either race, but prescribes a rule applicable alike to white and colored citizens.’
      • ‘In addition, the testing of surface water is prescribed by the European Union.’
      • ‘The Code of Practice also indicates the form that managers reviews should take, although it does not prescribe specific procedures.’
      • ‘This is the hazard of cutting corners and disregarding procedures prescribed by law.’
      • ‘Kruger said legislation governing the ostrich industry prescribed this method of culling.’
      • ‘In particular, it must be a source of some concern that the 1981 Act prescribes no real procedures or mechanisms under which a decision to order the slaughter of animals takes place.’
      • ‘‘We can't prescribe that way of thinking,’ Andrew says emphatically.’
      • ‘It prescribes a way of life and a set of rituals to be enacted by its followers.’
      • ‘No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.’
      • ‘It does not prescribe any one method but provides a framework to help a business find the best way for achieving success.’
      • ‘The policy should also prescribe the procedures to be followed in such a case.’
      • ‘We then have to move to a position whereby there are regulations or rules prescribing forms.’
      • ‘Such authorization may prescribe procedures for approval and payment of such expenses.’
      • ‘In prescribing the ways to celebrate the happy day, Islam has adopted another unique approach.’
      • ‘The legislature not only commands the purse, but prescribes the rules by which the duties and rights of every citizen are to be regulated.’
      • ‘The structured, prescribed way of life and philosophy makes the group experience all the more intense.’
      • ‘In these countries there is greater emphasis on a clear set of rules prescribing actions and methods to deal with uncertain and ambiguous situations.’
      stipulate, lay down, dictate, specify, impose, set down, determine, establish, fix, formulate, appoint, decree, order, command, pronounce, ordain, require, direct, enjoin, make provision for, promulgate
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The verbs prescribe and proscribe do not have the same meaning. Prescribe is a much more common word than proscribe and means either ‘issue a medical prescription’ or ‘recommend with authority’: the doctor prescribed antibiotics. Proscribe, on the other hand, is a formal word meaning ‘condemn or forbid’: gambling was strictly proscribed by the authorities


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘confine within bounds’, also as a legal term meaning ‘claim by prescription’): from Latin praescribere ‘direct in writing’, from prae ‘before’ + scribere ‘write’.