Definition of prescientific in US English:



  • Relating to the time before the development of modern science or the application of scientific method.

    ‘prescientific doctors would peddle all-purpose remedies because they knew no better’
    • ‘Milk has long been held in high esteem for its nutritious quality, which even in pre-scientific days was apparent from the fact that it provided complete nourishment for young animals and humans.’
    • ‘Thus science provides human beings a degree of control over the material world that pre-scientific societies could only dream of.’
    • ‘I think it's still at the pre-scientific stage, and then there's a lot of speculation around it.’
    • ‘In times past, it seems understandable that pre-scientific societies would imagine mysterious forces or supernatural causes to be responsible for natural disasters.’
    • ‘It is a pre-scientific concept that has been outmoded by modern scientific understanding of matter and natural laws.’
    • ‘This was not unreasonable in a country whose still powerful intellectual traditions were essentially pre-scientific and divorced from both systematic observation and practical application.’
    • ‘There's almost a sense that people are turning the clock back to more superstitious pre-scientific times.’
    • ‘In fact, every culture, no matter how primitive and pre-scientific, had a belief in some form of demonic possession.’
    • ‘For example, the older, pre-scientific account of the human body had regarded a person's social rank as destined by nature.’
    • ‘All the religions which come out of a pre-scientific world need to be reinterpreted and modernised.’
    • ‘Those who dismiss God as a product of psychological conditioning or pre-scientific myth have not come to terms with the findings of modern science.’
    • ‘It is, of course, a pre-scientific agricultural society, that turned to magic and superstition to assist them with their crops.’
    • ‘We can dismiss the pre-scientific belief in the magical powers of crystals and gemstones as due to the lack of scientific knowledge.’
    • ‘Indeed, one of the interesting aspects of the work is the eloquent witness that he provides for precisely these pre-scientific ways of thinking.’
    • ‘But it is only a story, from a pre-scientific world.’
    • ‘Those who believe we are members of different cultures and races live in a pre-scientific past dominated by the forces of racism unleashed by imperialism.’
    • ‘The notion that ethical truths are ‘out there’ waiting to be discovered is itself the remnant of a pre-scientific mode of thought.’