Definition of prepublication in US English:



  • Issued or occurring before publication.

    ‘prepublication censorship’
    • ‘The contract requires prepublication review of nonofficial writings by the government in order to protect sensitive information.’
    • ‘Within two years, he believes, the law on prepublication injunctions will have broken down as the internet inevitably leaks stories out.’
    • ‘Confidentiality should not be broken by prepublication statements on the content of the submission.’
    • ‘And we wanted to assess the consequences, both positive and negative, of prepublication sharing of research data or materials.’
    • ‘If a former government employee violates his nondisclosure agreement by failing to submit a book for prepublication review, the Treasury Department can seize all proceeds connected to the book's sale.’
    • ‘I recently received a prepublication review copy of my forthcoming book.’
    • ‘We might have had success with the first book - and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs - if we'd done prepublication research to sharpen our focus.’
    • ‘This adverse event was believed to be serious enough to warrant prepublication release of the information on the Web site of the New England Journal of Medicine.’
    • ‘Respondents were invited to include their e-mail address if they wished to receive a prepublication copy of the survey results.’
    • ‘By the eighteenth century a comprehensive system of prepublication censorship and licensing, even of private writing, was in place throughout Imperial China.’
    • ‘A report on this study appears in the prepublication online edition of Bone Marrow Transplantation.’
    • ‘Journals should also be moving, Rennie argues, towards prepublication review by readers and encouraging authors to update their studies.’


  • Publication in advance.

    • ‘Did the prepublication usurp all value from a copyright owner's first right of publication?’
    • ‘The prepublication of conference papers with restricted access shall stimulate research exchanges before and after the conference.’