Definition of prepping in English:



  • 1The action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.

    ‘after hours of prepping and cooking and stressing and a few near-breakdowns, Thanksgiving was wonderful’
    • ‘As it turns out, women may actually have special needs when it comes to pre-event prepping.’
    • ‘You will be painting your woodwork and trim last, but you need to prep it before beginning to paint, or else the debris from prepping will settle on the new paint.’
    • ‘With wallpaper, the proof is in the prepping.’
    • ‘I actually got mocked by colleagues for helping kids with their resumes and prepping for job interviews.’
    • ‘No stewing, no cooking in a covered pot for hours; this dish consists of prepping and frying for 6 minutes.’
    • ‘You can take a four-hour nap, an hour for dressing, and then two hours for prepping and traveling.’
    • ‘By this time I'm starving, so when we go backstage at the restaurant, among the pots and pans and prepping stations, I get quite excited.’
    • ‘He says that the prepping becomes a family experience in the kitchen.’
    • ‘There are so many hidden works of art at the Vancouver Art Gallery that involve spending hours of computing, phoning, researching, and prepping.’
    • ‘When it comes to prepping and primping for a date, men and women have slightly different agendas.’
    • ‘In the prepping process, you do not continue to add different ingredients into it, and you do not add any spices or anything.’
    1. 1.1North American The practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.
      ‘prepping is a way of life and there is always something new to learn, tasks to do, and gear to purchase’
      • ‘Far from the stereotyped image of a kooky doomsday prepper, he was matter-of-fact and said that prepping was a kind of insurance.’
      • ‘And what prepping is, it's just insurance against disasters.’
      • ‘Hundreds of websites are devoted to prepping, along with conferences where people exchange information on storing food, learning survival skills and preparing survival kits that can be taken on the road.’
      • ‘Prepping is partly buying a grocery list of items you need to stock, as well as a mind set that moves beyond the physical act of getting supplies in the cupboard.’
      • ‘For us, prepping is more or less just living like our grandparents did years ago.’
      • ‘Prepping networks provide advice on how to prepare food reserves, how to grow crops in your garden, how to hunt and how to defend yourself.’
      • ‘The fact that he told me where he lives would be considered a huge mistake by many in the prepping world.’
      • ‘He said he started the site after seeing a need for a place where like-minded people could share their concerns and ideas on prepping and insisted being ready for worst-case scenarios was commonsense.’
      • ‘So prepping is kind of like a natural byproduct of what people think they need to do.’
      • ‘"Prepping," says Barry, "masks a wide range of stances and ideologies."’