Definition of prepotent in US English:



  • 1Greater than others in power or influence.

    • ‘Frankly, the prepotent title he goes under isn't enough to lend his argument any legitimacy.’
    dominant, predominant, prevalent, in control, more powerful, most powerful, superior, supreme, ascendant, in the ascendancy
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    1. 1.1 (of a breeding animal) showing great effectiveness in transmitting hereditary characteristics to its offspring.
      • ‘My observations have been that stud fee is usually a fixed number (in my experience about 50% of a typical pet puppy, although it may approach 100% for popular, prepotent sires.’
      dominant, dominating, controlling, superior, powerful, prominent, advantageous, favourable, preferable, more desirable, most desirable
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Late Middle English: from Latin praepotent- ‘having greater power’, from prae ‘before, ahead’ + posse ‘be able’.