Definition of preponderance in US English:



  • The quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance.

    ‘the preponderance of women among older people’
    ‘forests with a preponderance of Apache pine’
    • ‘His preponderance of strength allowed him to perform several offensive operations in near parallel.’
    • ‘The preponderance of the evidence is that the effect is statistical clustering, nothing more.’
    • ‘The preponderance of studies support the connection between newspaper content and circulation.’
    • ‘Their apparent preponderance may be due to the fact that they have been the most commonly used corticosteroids.’
    • ‘The preponderance of shops nowadays is an unhappy sign of modern life.’
    • ‘The preponderance of scientific evidence supports the overriding similarities between men and women.’
    • ‘The preponderance of the available evidence indicates there was no attack.’
    • ‘He also points to the troubling preponderance of women in teaching: there are now more women than men teaching in our secondary schools.’
    • ‘This preponderance of Asians, particularly in the vast numbers of Japanese tourists the city attracts, has left its marks on the cuisine.’
    • ‘The preponderance of data came from experiments with temperate and coniferous trees.’
    • ‘He raised the possibility that this might have something to do with male preponderance at the very top of research science.’
    • ‘Science proceeds on preponderance of evidence, not on finality.’
    • ‘The preponderance of Latin terms seemed to serve two purposes.’
    • ‘By 1750 the Dutch Republic's decline was manifest and Britain had established its preponderance.’
    • ‘This conclusion is supported by the great preponderance of informed commentary.’
    prevalence, predominance, dominance
    bulk, majority, greater quantity, larger part, best part, better part, main part, most, almost all, more than half, mass, weight, body, main body, lion's share, predominance, generality
    predominance, dominance, ascendancy, leadership, mastery, supremacy, control, sway, power
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