Definition of prepend in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Add (something) to the beginning of something else.

    ‘you forgot to prepend ‘I personally believe’ to the statements you are making’
    • ‘We told her that she always has to prepend the area code even if its a local call.’
    • ‘Why do people without a credible argument so often think that prepending words with the "neo" prefix will somehow make their claims and slogans right regardless?’
    • ‘For shopping sites I use a standard 'stem' containing a mix of alphanumerics and prepend a couple of letters to the front to represent the last item I bought, then change it every time I buy something new.’
    • ‘There's a simple productive rule for forming the antonym of any noun: Just prepend "anti".’
    attach, build on, add on, put on, put in, append, adjoin, join, affix, connect, annex
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    1. 1.1Computing Attach (a piece of data) to the beginning of another.
      ‘in this case, you must prepend the server name to the database name, separated by a period’
      • ‘If you'd like to temporarily "disable" a user from logging in to the system without deleting his or her account, simply prepend an asterisk to the password field in / etc / passwd.’
      • ‘The hash (#) character is used to declare a temporary table as it is prepended to the table name.’
      • ‘It'll also prepend the date to the file name so everything is sorted in the order it was archived.’
      • ‘Notice that before you pass the script name you have to prepend an ampersand '&' symbol and enclose the entire script path in double quotes.’
      • ‘The number prepended to the user name, 1 in this case, tells the server what VNC session number is mapped to each user.’


Late 19th century: blend of prefix + append.