Definition of preoperative in US English:



  • Denoting, administered in, or occurring in the period before a surgical operation.

    • ‘The anesthesia care provider administers the block in the preoperative holding area.’
    • ‘Most urologic procedures do not require preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis.’
    • ‘A nurse practitioner performs the preoperative history and physical examination.’
    • ‘The results of this study show that participants had a pragmatic view of the preoperative skin test.’
    • ‘The nurse gave the patient written orders to obtain a preoperative complete blood count and pregnancy test.’
    • ‘The preoperative wait period is an ideal time for reducing cardiac risk factors, including insulin resistance.’
    • ‘These patients may be a target group for specialist preoperative medical assessment.’
    • ‘Prevention of postoperative infection begins in the preoperative period.’
    • ‘The surgeon may have the patient sign the informed consent upon arrival in the preoperative area of the hospital.’
    • ‘The preoperative admission nurse instructs the patient to change into a hospital gown.’
    • ‘Patients with clinical evidence of preoperative infection were excluded from the study.’
    • ‘A nasogastric tube was placed, and preoperative antibiotics were administered.’
    • ‘The surgeon ordered preoperative blood laboratory work to include a blood glucose level.’
    • ‘Nursing assessment by hospital staff members begins with a preoperative telephone call to the patient.’
    • ‘For each patient we collected data on preoperative and operative variables to calculate predicted mortality.’
    • ‘Basic life support training is recommended for all nurses in the preoperative care unit.’
    • ‘What qualities does a preoperative nurse need to pursue a career with a health care company?’
    • ‘The last of these included the use of preoperative assessment clinics to ensure that patients were fit for surgery.’
    • ‘Some participants found it difficult to understand why a preoperative skin test was performed.’