Definition of prenuptial agreement in US English:

prenuptial agreement


North American
  • An agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail.

    • ‘Rich people who set up trusts may require that their children pass periodic drug tests or set up prenuptial agreements to get their money.’
    • ‘After a conference in chambers, the judge said a prenuptial agreement the couple signed about a week before they married would control the division of assets.’
    • ‘A prenuptial agreement will help establish a record of what you owned before you got married, which could be important if the marriage doesn't last.’
    • ‘Those with assets to protect could sign prenuptial agreements that courts would respect.’
    • ‘You did not sign a prenuptial agreement, am I correct?’
    • ‘There are a myriad of issues to deal with, including child support, prenuptial agreements, property ownership, retirement finances, and estate planning.’
    • ‘Do you think they signed a prenuptial agreement?’
    • ‘Another concern is the uncertain legal status of prenuptial agreements.’
    • ‘Since nearly 50% of first marriages end in divorce, wealthy parents often push prenuptial agreements on their kids before they marry.’
    • ‘Similarly, she said that if they married, they would enter into a prenuptial agreement at that time.’
    • ‘Marriage joins two people in a relationship, and unless there is a limiting prenuptial agreement, the union with the person unites you to all the person's possessions.’
    • ‘In fact, the attorney says that he does more prenuptial agreements than anything else now.’
    • ‘There is often difficulty working out what was acquired before the marriage and what was acquired during the marriage - which is where a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement can help.’
    • ‘The Post reports that newlywed Britney Spears got her brand-new hubby to ink an ironclad prenuptial agreement just days before they got hitched.’
    • ‘Celebrity attorneys estimate some 50-70 percent of Hollywood celebs do sign prenuptial agreements.’


prenuptial agreement

/priˌnəp(t)ʃəl əˈɡrimənt//prēˌnəp(t)SHəl əˈɡrēmənt/