Definition of premillennialism in US English:



  • (among some Christian Protestants) the doctrine that the prophesied millennium of blessedness will begin with the imminent Second Coming of Christ.

    Compare with postmillennialism
    • ‘The following are features of historic premillennialism.’
    • ‘In the churches of Christ the list features the institutional matters already mentioned, as well as pacifism, participation in governmental affairs (including voting), premillennialism, and divorce and remarriage.’
    • ‘During these years, many Protestants embraced a pessimistic premillennialism that predicted societal decline, undercut efforts at social reform, and emphasized individual evangelism, spirituality, and otherworldliness.’
    • ‘In the author's view, premillennialism is fundamentally flawed.’
    • ‘After the Civil War, a new kind of premillennialism, ‘dispensationalism, ‘gained popularity.’’