Definition of premillennial in US English:



  • 1Existing or occurring before a new millennium.

    • ‘What we have here is a major player in the premillennial cultural pool, and a loose-knit movement of folks who aim to change the world - while having the best time of their lives.’
    • ‘But I do see it as allied to premillennial thinking, and that's even before you get to the Israel issue.’
    1. 1.1Christian Theology Relating to or believing in premillennialism.
      • ‘The writer is dispensational and premillennial in outlook, and seems to know little of Reformed writers or their thinking.’
      • ‘Darby is credited with bringing premillennial dispensationalism to the United States.’
      • ‘Both Irving and Lacunza were premillennial but historicists.’
      • ‘In principle, one can be a Protestant fundamentalist without being a premillennial dispensationalist.’
      • ‘For churches that do not endorse a premillennial eschatology the emphasis is on the present, and other-worldly eschatological discussions are largely absent.’