Definition of premenopausal in US English:



  • Of or in the period of a woman's life immediately preceding the menopause.

    ‘fibroids often result in pain and bleeding in premenopausal women’
    ‘premenopausal breast cancer’
    ‘all the women participating in the study were premenopausal’
    • ‘A lower proportion of highly stressed women than less stressed women were premenopausal and used oral contraceptives.’
    • ‘This disease is rare in premenopausal women.’
    • ‘All premenopausal women who underwent hysterectomy were given hormone replacement therapy.’
    • ‘Cysts are a common cause of palpable breast masses in premenopausal women older than 40 years.’
    • ‘If you're premenopausal, this will cause premature menopause.’
    • ‘Another possibility is that women with premenopausal breast cancer may simply have a higher risk of miscarriage.’
    • ‘Moreover, we know that premenopausal women are very protected from sleep apnea.’
    • ‘The study was restricted to premenopausal women aged younger than 50 at the time of diagnosis.’
    • ‘How could such a strategy be explained to older premenopausal women, who are at the same risk of ovarian cancer as their postmenopausal peers?’