Definition of premedical in US English:



  • Relating to or engaged in study in preparation for medical school.

    • ‘The committee was not charged with addressing the needs of premedical students.’
    • ‘The older brothers are premedical students and certified emergency medical technicians.’
    • ‘Medical students in the United States usually take premedical courses as undergraduates.’
    • ‘After dropping out of college and working for several years, he returned to complete his degree and fulfilled all of his premedical requirements.’
    • ‘A couple of the Hilton residents were doctors or premedical students, so we were never bereft of health treatment.’
    • ‘When World War II began, he taught courses for medical and pharmacy corps, nursing, and premedical students for three years.’
    • ‘He treats one of his grade-obsessed premedical students as a mere nuisance, and the consequence is that the young man jumps to his death from the roof of his dormitory building.’
    • ‘They studied the relationship between standardized tests, premedical school performance and clinical performance among medical students.’