Definition of premed in US English:



  • 1North American A program of premedical studies.

    • ‘Though her work in the early years of her education focused on pre-med and zoology, Jamison says she had done undergraduate work in psychology and ‘found the questions in psychology fascinating.’’
    • ‘We're going to the same college in the fall… even sharing a major, pre-med.’
    • ‘He's a sophomore at American and he's studying pre-med.’
    • ‘I'll be eighteen in two weeks, graduating high school two weeks later and starting pre-med at Columbia in the fall.’
    • ‘‘It was just something that was very personal to me,’ says Johnson, who's double-majoring in pre-med and history and minoring in Jewish studies.’
    • ‘She will be attending the University of Missouri and will study pre-med.’
    • ‘Sabado took his first dance class in college, changing his studies from pre-med to dance.’
    • ‘After graduating from the same high school as his partner and childhood friend, he enrolled in Ohio's Oberlin College to study pre-med, supplementing his income as a scooper in the college cafeteria's ice cream kiosk.’
    1. 1.1 A student in a premed program.
      • ‘After all, the good doctor's elder son Morty was already a pre-med at Columbia, and the assumption was that Richard would follow in his brother's slipstream.’
      • ‘Jonathan, a 19-year-old pre-med and theatre arts student from Dallas, has flown in especially for the audition.’
      • ‘Another financial constraint is that many Xavier pre-meds are entering the service end of the profession.’
      • ‘Once a Harvard pre-med with a conceivably very secure future, an undergrad photography elective opened Fred's eyes to the world of fine arts; he switched academic gears, and now he's a very smart guy who takes pictures.’
      • ‘Then I ended up in introductory chemistry with 150 other pre-meds, and man, did that ever drain the interest out of me.’
  • 2

    short for premedication
    • ‘Children or people who strongly dislike injections may be able to take the pre-med by mouth in a syrup mixture.’
    • ‘It was later admitted that nursing staff had missed the pre-med.’
    • ‘Fortunately the alarm stopped, the film crew were able to leave, and the anesthetist arrived to offer me a pre-med, and eventually, it was my turn.’
    • ‘A pre-med is a type of sedative that is used to relax you before the operation.’
    • ‘An anaesthetist (a doctor who is a specialist in anaesthetics) may also visit you to give you a pre-med (ie pre-medication) injection.’


  • short for premedical
    • ‘She studied chemistry and took pre-med classes, undecided on whether to pursue medicine.’
    • ‘Administrators note that the fairly recent growth of the pre-med program means that most of its graduates are still in medical school or residencies.’
    • ‘That's the best part Mom, he's a second year pre-med student at Columbia.’
    • ‘The door opened and we all turned our heads to see Penny and Gregory, her pre-med boyfriend.’
    • ‘Fresh out of high school, he'd just enrolled at the University of Hawaii, where he planned to take pre-med courses.’
    • ‘‘I was so busy doing those things and taking pre-med courses I didn't really need anything else,’ says Margolis.’
    • ‘Each dancer selected a personal dance photo and then, in a class worthy of pre-med students, dissected the arcane anatomical events of the chosen pose.’
    • ‘I was a science major as an undergrad, and took biology, chemistry, and physics in a pre-med curriculum.’
    • ‘At university, he takes pre-med courses, reads a lot of medical journals, volunteers at a local hospital, and makes friends with doctors.’
    • ‘But in my junior year my parents encouraged me to take some pre-med courses, like biology and chemistry, and even though it was getting to be pretty late to become a doctor I agreed.’
    • ‘I felt ashamed that I, a pre-med student, was nothing more than a meddling bystander during this life-or-death struggle.’
    • ‘You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a woman pre-med student.’
    • ‘He was in pre-med school when he ‘discovered’ his body in dance class.’