Definition of prelaunch in US English:



  • Concerning activities or conditions before the launch of a spacecraft, campaign, product, etc.

    • ‘Doctors ‘react even more negatively if they're caught unawares’ by patients lobbying for a specific prescription and are receptive to prelaunch educational opportunities, she added.’
    • ‘During the prelaunch, the system's autopilot measures the target's position and movement.’
    • ‘I signed up for the prelaunch issue of The London News Review, and it was promising in patches, if not yet something I would await every month.’
    • ‘Nissan may also come in later in the network season with a prelaunch campaign for the long-awaited revival of the Z sports car.’
    • ‘The practice countdown capped the week's Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test, in which flight crew members went through launch pad safety training and other prelaunch activities.’
    • ‘The campaign was to be conducted in three stages: prelaunch, launch, and postlaunch.’
    • ‘The three-day event allows the crew to practice prelaunch activities, including launch pad safety training and a countdown dress rehearsal.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the prelaunch and boost phases offer the perfect times to hit enemy missiles, so they can blow up on or over enemy territory - not over the heads of friendly troops or allies.’
    • ‘I tuned up button 18 for departure as we had done the previous three days but heard no prelaunch brief.’
    • ‘The couple agree with the Commission's conclusion that the prelaunch teleconference was mishandled.’
    • ‘The spacecraft, now in a prelaunch facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California, remains true to the original concept.’
    • ‘Different advertising copy from around the world was reviewed prelaunch and the client/agency team agreed to look again at the positioning of the brand in the Irish market and at developing the best launch communication strategy.’
    • ‘Nasa has also pointed to more on-time launches and smoother prelaunch operations as indicators of America's success in managing the shuttle program.’
    • ‘They took seats and immediately began the prelaunch startup.’
    • ‘But prelaunch development is a bargain compared with the cost of selling an innovation.’