Definition of prekindergarten in US English:


(also pre-K)


  • Day care with some educational content for children younger than five, provided by elementary schools or preschools.

    • ‘In prekindergarten, Sofia's brother was already beginning to identify himself as an English speaker and to insist on speaking English at home.’
    • ‘Both beginning and experienced teachers, from prekindergarten through elementary, will find a wealth of appropriate materials and suggestions.’
    • ‘The dual language program was launched in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and first-grade classes that year.’
    • ‘The study found that although rates of expulsion vary widely among the 40 states funding prekindergarten, state expulsion rates for prekindergartners exceed those in K - 12 classes in all but three states.’
    • ‘Some child in her prekindergarten class, whose name she will not remember, suggested she taste it.’
    • ‘In Massachusetts, the percentage of suspended students in prekindergarten through third grade more than doubled between 1995 and 2000’
    • ‘Students begin with a full-day prekindergarten program and then move into a full-day kindergarten.’
    • ‘I looked around my prekindergarten classroom and had to laugh.’
    • ‘Floridians, meanwhile, voted to reduce class sizes and offer prekindergarten programs for four-year-olds.’
    • ‘For instance, the use of thematic units was mentioned by every single prekindergarten teacher and most kindergarten teachers but was not mentioned by a single first- or secondgrade teacher.’
    • ‘In order to identify whether successful strategies had a developmental component, we spoke to teachers of different grades, from prekindergarten through second grade.’
    • ‘Virtually every state in the United States is now actively engaged in discussions concerning the implementation of prekindergarten programs, and many different models have been proposed.’
    • ‘Bilingual Learning Centers are employed from prekindergarten to first grade, while Bilingual Resource Centers are used from second to fifth grade.’
    • ‘Her stories are for children ranging in age from prekindergarten to junior high school.’
    • ‘There is one bilingual classroom at each grade level, from prekindergarten to sixth grade.’