Definition of prejudicially in US English:



  • See prejudicial

    • ‘They do not include, of course, a mere busybody who is interfering in things which do not concern him: but they do include a person who has a genuine grievance because an order has been made which prejudicially affects his interests.’
    • ‘Without a singular objective truth - how can a judgment be made as to which privileged tradition will prevail and which will be prejudicially forced to yield?’
    • ‘Anyone who can be prejudicially affected by a decision must be given notice in writing of the intended action.’
    • ‘Further, the marketability of the land is severely prejudicially affected by the Main Action.’
    • ‘I hope this helps to reassure patients that we have an open, positive attitude to complaints and to suggest patients may be dealt with prejudicially is just scaremongering and will cause unnecessary concern for our patients.’