Definition of prejudiced in US English:



  • Having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.

    ‘people are prejudiced against us’
    ‘prejudiced views’
    • ‘She took a big breath and sighed, ‘I'm sorry for losing my temper for no reason, and calling you a chauvinistic, sexist, prejudiced pig.’’
    • ‘After all, who would allow a prejudiced view or ideal to influence the formation of the core of one's character or values?’
    • ‘More generally, various dimensions of prejudice matter to understanding both prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behavior.’
    • ‘We can't have it both ways: we can't condemn segments of a community for their prejudiced, simplistic views when we ourselves are using other simplistic prejudiced views to come to our conclusions.’
    • ‘You're not supposed to show yourself to be at all prejudiced or bigoted.’
    • ‘As representative of the small community of women in science, the work of these women showed that the search for the best minds in science cannot be limited by a prejudiced view of gender.’
    • ‘Attitudes towards Jews vary across the five countries surveyed with Belgians, Germans and the French ‘most likely to hold a prejudiced view of Jews’.’
    • ‘Such prejudiced views and blinkered thinking, unfortunately, are not just confined to the right.’
    • ‘One reason it is difficult to assess discrimination is that changes have occurred in the nature of prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behaviors.’
    • ‘Anyone who reads the Biblical Commission's document will find these and many other prejudiced views thoroughly discredited.’
    • ‘Demeaning, degrading, bigoted, and prejudiced ideas and behaviours are fought every day around the world.’
    • ‘Of course, these beliefs do not reflect reality; they reflect the prejudiced views of those who hold them.’
    • ‘This, however, proved an entirely unreasonable and prejudiced view, and one I quickly revised.’
    • ‘They examined whether racially prejudiced attitudes could have a negative influence on the contact-recognition relationship.’
    • ‘Their prejudiced ideological view of each other lingered on.’
    • ‘Although my father had prejudiced views, I came to know those people.’
    biased, bigoted, discriminatory, partisan, partial, one-sided, jaundiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, unfair, unjust, inequitable, non-objective, unobjective, blinkered, parti pris, coloured, distorted, warped, loaded, weighted
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