Definition of preglacial in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting a time before a glacial period.

    ‘a preglacial valley’
    • ‘These preglacial valleys were eroded along zones of weakness in the bedrock, and thus both the main fjords and their tributaries mirror the structural bedrock geology by following the trend of bedrock lineaments.’
    • ‘This ancestral population probably had a wide preglacial breeding range in the Old World, which became fragmented, followed by the expansion of the Ficedula species complex from glacial refugia.’
    • ‘The average extinction probability in the preglacial period is significantly lower than that for both the glacial and preglacial periods.’
    • ‘In 1880 he travelled extensively in the United States and attended the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston, where he met J.P. Lesley, who encouraged him to continue his studies of preglacial rivers.’
    • ‘For most of his life, he worked on preglacial river valleys in Ontario, and the origin and extent of proglacial precursors of the Great Lakes.’
    • ‘The cobbles were originally ‘fashioned’ from the preglacial coarse gravels that mantle much of the plains of southern and central Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, and north-central and northeast Montana.’