Definition of preflight in US English:



  • Occurring before a flight in an aircraft.

    ‘our detailed preflight briefing’
    • ‘While the last checks were completed, I reflected on my preflight briefing concerning the unlikely event that I might have to divert.’
    • ‘He breathes from a portable oxygen canister while doing his preflight, being sure not to inhale any outside air as it would instantly cancel out the effects of the pre-breathing.’
    • ‘Of 399 passengers, the Board found that nearly half ignored the safety card in the seat back pocket and the preflight briefing by flight attendants.’
    • ‘Since the 1950s, air traffic specialists have handled preflight weather briefings for pilots of small aircraft.’
    • ‘Upon completing preflight training, we were shipped to Lafayette, Louisiana, for primary flight instruction.’
    • ‘The team could then begin its preflight briefing.’
    • ‘The proper training, getting checked out in unfamiliar aircraft, preflight planning and an airworthy plane are vital for your safety.’
    • ‘Despite being behind schedule, I conducted an unhurried preflight, added a quart of oil and found nothing abnormal whatsoever during the subsequent engine start, run-up and takeoff.’
    • ‘The preflight planning and crew briefing went smoothly.’
    • ‘Of perhaps greater dismay to the Board, of 42 exit row passengers, only 10 read the safety card and watched the preflight briefing from the flight attendants.’
    • ‘Airspace constraints are explained during the preflight briefing.’
    • ‘They had to attend preflight briefings and debriefings on their return.’