Definition of preference share in English:

preference share


  • British term for preferred stock
    • ‘One would still have to consider the way in which the notional holders of preference shares and ordinary shares would negotiate between themselves the distribution of that allocation.’
    • ‘He said they would only be granted ordinary shares in the company and not the preferred shares usually granted to venture capital investors.’
    • ‘They pressed him to buy back nonvoting preferred shares instead of ordinary shares, which are 53.2 percent more expensive.’
    • ‘In 1997 they retained their first preference share but lost more than half their seats because their vote was spread over too many candidates.’
    • ‘Round House membership, which at present stands at 430 members is priced at E35,000 for a redeemable preference share.’
    • ‘Although the company does not have a legal obligation to pay dividends, few companies will default on dividend payments on preferred shares.’
    • ‘Interest cover of 1.8 times is very low but when the preference share issue is taken into account, then it drops to about 1.3 which is dangerously low.’
    • ‘Company head Dan Brown said at the meeting that existing shareholders would have an opportunity to purchase one preference share at $1.00 for every five ordinary share currently owned.’
    • ‘Last week the multinational software company, which is based in Germany, announced that it is converting its preference shares into ordinary shares in order to boost liquidity.’
    • ‘However, when you start your Open Annuity, you also buy a special preference share in the insurance company operating it.’
    • ‘The extent of the financial difficulties were outlined by Mr Green, who noted that debt and preference share financing currently stood at 7.7 million.’
    • ‘The bank may seek to raise cash through a preference share issue, possibly to a strategic backer.’
    • ‘The minimum investment to buy one preference share in the Investment Plan is £500.’
    • ‘Non-merino growers will need to decide whether to convert their preference shares to ordinary shares in Wool Equities as a future investment, or to cash them in.’
    • ‘The statement said shareholders may wish to sell for 980 cents per ordinary share and 110 cents per preference share, both of which are to be settled in cash.’


preference share

/ˈpref(ə)rəns ˌSHe(ə)r/