Definition of preen gland in US English:

preen gland


  • (on a bird) a gland at the base of the tail that produces the oil used in preening.

    • ‘Our results provide the first rigorous evidence that the preen gland is important for plumage condition in birds other than waterfowl.’
    • ‘Preening behaviors in birds-including bathing in water or dust and coating feathers with oils from preen glands are commonly thought to improve feather condition.’
    • ‘However, perhaps the plumage of birds with preen glands is more resilient to abrasion from preening.’
    • ‘More work is needed on the function and distribution of preen glands in Rock Doves and across other species of birds.’
    • ‘This gap made it difficult for the bird to seal and waterproof that area with the oils from his preen gland.’