Definition of preeminently in English:



  • [sentence adverb] Above all; in particular.

    ‘this is preeminently the haying month throughout the northern states’
    • ‘The answer is that the clubs lay at the heart of industrial Lanarkshire and football was pre-eminently the game of steelworkers, miners and shipbuilders.’
    • ‘Although Neville was supremely competent both as a newspaper journalist and as a broadcaster, I always thought of him pre-eminently as a man of the arts.’
    • ‘The real ‘Key West lime juice’ is a gourmet's delight, pre-eminently suited for use in a variety of pastry pies.’
    • ‘Bacon, however, is pre-eminently a philosopher; Osler never forgets that he is a physician first, albeit a physician with a philosophical approach to his profession.’
    • ‘Before his involvement in the Piltdown excavations, Teilhard was nothing more than a young priest with aspirations in science, who had collected fossils and pre-eminently fossil sea urchins, in Egypt.’
    primarily, principally, above all, chiefly, mostly, mainly, in particular
    particularly, par excellence, especially, manifestly, eminently, supremely, conspicuously, notably, signally, singularly, emphatically, uniquely, outstandingly, incomparably, inimitably
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