Definition of preemie in US English:


nounPlural preemies

North American
  • A baby born prematurely.

    • ‘Because preemies don't spend as much time in the uterus getting nutrients from the mother's diet, their iron stores are not as great and are often depleted in just 2 months.’
    • ‘The Baby Room is a large room filled with 30 cribs, housing infants as small as 3-pound preemies and toddlers up to 24 months.’
    • ‘He was a preemie, but he's quadrupled his bodyweight in six months.’
    • ‘The infection destroys the intestine or a part of the bowel and kills a quarter of preemies born with it.’
    • ‘A preemie's risk of cerebral palsy is much higher than that of a full-term baby.’
    • ‘Nearly 40 percent of neonatal intensive care units across the United States now give massage therapy to preemies, which can provide a savings of $10,000 in hospital costs per infant.’
    • ‘They acknowledged the life-saving potential of medical devices to support preemies and other ill newborns through life-and-death situations.’
    • ‘It is not at all clear that putting each preemie in their own room would improve their mortality.’
    • ‘They're taking special care of her because she is a preemie,’ my mom tried to explain.’
    • ‘He said ideally this special formula, which is critical to bring preemies ' health and immune system to a normal level, should be mixed on a daily basis, but because of the lack of facilities the pharmacists mix enough to last for 48 hours.’
    • ‘He saved lives of both the mother and the preemie.’
    • ‘He is home now and his mother says that he is gaining weight and doesn't have that preemie look anymore.’
    • ‘NIN is an organization that caters to preemies and newborns who are in need of specialty hospital clothing, and non-specialty clothing, blankets etc. which are used for some infants first trip home from the hospital.’
    • ‘She plays the mother of a preemie who spent the first three months of his life in hospital, his life hanging in the balance.’
    • ‘Another very common problem affecting preemies is immature lungs.’


1920s (as premy): from premature + -ie.