Definition of predrinking in US English:



  • The action or practice of drinking large quantities of alcohol before going out socially.

    ‘80 percent of females studied said they would indulge in predrinking before heading to a club’
    • ‘Studies usually describe predrinking in nightlife environment in city centers, not in the entrance lines of nightclubs.’
    • ‘Can anyone recommend any good predrinking establishments that are within walking distance of the Phoenix?’
    • ‘6:30 PM: Dinner, then showering and a little bit of predrinking.’
    • ‘Due to U.S. legal drinking age requirements, predrinking may be most prevalent among underage drinkers in the U.S.’
    • ‘Reasons given for predrinking include saving money, getting in the mood for partying, becoming intoxicated and socializing with friends.’
    • ‘I believe in predrinking heavily prior to going into this club.’
    • ‘Common sense dictates that daytime parties discourage heavy drinking or predrinking.’
    • ‘American scientists, in a study, also found that predrinking can lead to blackouts and worse consequences.’
    • ‘A study using Internet cell-phone questionnaires examined predrinking by young adults.’
    drinking bout, debauch
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