Definition of predigital in US English:



  • Belonging to or characteristic of the period preceding the widespread adoption of digital technologies.

    ‘formulas once used by animators in a predigital age’
    • ‘In other words, phenomena of dislocation associated with new media that are co-evolutionary with forms of cultural production in pre-digital media.’
    • ‘This essence stretches back to that pre digital instantaneous network, the telegraph.’
    • ‘I miss the self-discipline of the pre-digital world, too.’
    • ‘I still think the software industry can learn a lot from studying pre-digital iconography.’
    • ‘Despite their purported focus on the digital, many of the books written by a single author focused on pre-digital media.’
    • ‘The bands are set close together and recall the horizontal track lines of predigital video.’
    • ‘Of course, it would be simplistic to equate pre-digital classical photography with the index.’
    • ‘In fact, the car and the camera are the consummate achievements of pre-digital technology.’
    • ‘Consider the regulations and the freedoms in the predigital workplace.’
    • ‘There is a steep cost of transition (analog to digital), at least for the generation that was brought up in the pre-digital era skills.’
    • ‘The complex, dreamlike nature of these predigital images momentarily belies the labor of their making.’
    • ‘The video transfer is slightly improved, but still shows some of the limitations of pre-digital anime transfers.’
    • ‘A few record labels now are reissuing older material (some of it even pre-digital) in this format.’
    • ‘In the pre-digital world valuable historical documents were often only allowed to be examined under the watchful eye of a person entrusted with their care.’
    • ‘Perhaps Steele and the writers he cites were demoralized by the daunting task of society-wide computation in the pre-digital era.’
    • ‘My childhood was idyllic in a kind of 1970s, pre-digital way.’
    • ‘Furthermore, Taylor makes no distinction between Jamaican dancehall and its predigital reggae precursors.’
    • ‘In the pre-digital era, a student involved in a project on animals might simply have used a book in the classroom to find relevant information.’
    • ‘The accounting historian of the future will need to recognize that innocent errors might have occurred in a digitized environment as they did in the pre-digital world.’
    • ‘They failed to see the marketing advantage in manipulating news photos (this is pre-digital, remember) to enhance the drama.’