Definition of predicable in US English:



  • That may be predicated or affirmed.

    • ‘This is a way of quantifying how predicable the next word is.’
    • ‘The postulate is that there exist classes which are determinate and therefore predicable.’
    • ‘S responds well to consistency and enjoys the predicable sequence of Jewish days, festivals and diary dates.’


  • 1A thing that is predicable.

    • ‘Enquiry into universals (and therefore into the five predicables studied in the Isagoge) should therefore be abandoned.’
    • ‘In the ancient proposition of the schoolroom, ‘Socrates is mortal,’ the class of mortal beings is invoked as a predicable.’
    1. 1.1usually predicables (in Aristotelian logic) each of the classes to which predicates belong, usually listed as genus, species, difference, property, and accident.
      • ‘He does so by reminding us that ‘when we are attempting to discover whether something is the same as something which possessed some property at an earlier time, we need predicables of reidentification’.’
      • ‘Later commentators listed these four and the differentia as the five predicables, and as such they were of great importance to late ancient and to medieval philosophy.’


Mid 16th century: from medieval Latin praedicabilis ‘able to be affirmed’, from Latin praedicare ‘declare’ (see predicate).