Definition of precolonial in US English:



  • Occurring or existing before the beginning of colonial rule.

    ‘the two main kingdoms that flourished in precolonial times’
    • ‘The position of women in pre-colonial Nigeria obviously differed in the vast number of ethnic groups in Nigeria.’
    • ‘Mapping Maryland traces the visual depiction of Maryland from its pre-colonial times through the mid-nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Many rebels were hoping to restore a pre-colonial social order.’
    • ‘In pre-colonial Nigeria, women had a much larger position in politics.’
    • ‘Phrased differently, current selective pressures on the dogs do not replicate pre-colonial circumstances.’
    • ‘The most enduring symbol is the latte stone, a megalithic structure used to elevate houses in the precolonial period.’
    • ‘Jacobs begins by emphasizing the importance of environmental factors in creating structures of social inequality; there was no precolonial harmony with the land.’
    • ‘Competition between clans for political power was a major source of conflict in pre-colonial Rwanda.’
    • ‘Their boundaries were mostly products of late-Victorian negotiation between colonial powers, bearing no relation to precolonial political or ethnic entities.’
    • ‘Such trade pieces became highly stylized, showing little of the naturalism of precolonial works.’
    • ‘Indian activity was heavy through the Mohawk Valley in pre-colonial times.’
    • ‘Old Africa Rediscovered mapped out many of the major transformations in the political history of precolonial Africa.’
    • ‘In India, Bombay reverted to its precolonial name, Mumbai.’
    • ‘The system of social stratification has its roots in the precolonial kingdoms.’
    • ‘They say the land belonged to them in pre-colonial times.’
    • ‘At their core, the four examples represent efforts to replicate or set aside parcels of a pre-colonial lower Mississippi River delta environment.’
    • ‘Effectively few women owned or controlled property in the pre-colonial period.’
    • ‘The pre-colonial section is actually half the lectures in the course.’
    • ‘He was joined by a group of fishermen from Asere, the core Ga settlement in pre-colonial Accra.’
    • ‘Employing a range of illustrative cases, the contributors demonstrate the ways in which precolonial norms were fundamentally transformed.’